Why Do Rabbits Bite?

Like other pets rabbits can act out aggressively at times towards us. There can be a range of different reasons and causes for this, so lets take a look at some of the possible reasons for why do rabbits bite?

Bunnies have a few ways of showing their aggression, displeasure, or discomfort. They grunt, stomp their feet, box, and sometimes bite. However, no matter what it is your bunny is doing towards you, never retaliate back with aggression.

Rabbits are not designed to fight, and as such are not the most robust of animals. They cannot take a lot of punishment, and under extreme frightened state they can suffer health problems.

Why Do Rabbits Bite?

Well, there will always be an underlying issue. A rabbit will not just bite for the fun of it, and without seeing it first hand, or being able to analyse the pet. We can do our best to speculate, and go through some of the more common causes.

Protecting Their Home

Rabbits are territorial animals, and will protect their home if they feel it’s being threatened. This also includes all of their belongings, food bowls, toys, food, etc.

You may not be aware of this but they also like to have things arranged around them how they want. If you are constantly moving things when you are cleaning out their cage it can raise their anxiety levels.

If your rabbit is trying to bite you when you are putting food in its cage, or touching something in there, this may be the reason. You can counteract this by distracting them while you are in their cage, fuss them a little or something.

Hormonal Bunnies

Bunnies that are hormonal can bite out. This is normal, especially if you have more than one bunny and they are interacting a lot. Having them spayed will put a stop to this, and put a stop to other things as well!

Attention Seeking

This may not seem like a viable excuse, but some rabbits will bite you to get your attention. They are social creatures, and will need stimulation from time to time. So consider it a small warning from them that you’re not giving them enough attention.

Putting a Stop to the Biting

This is what you really want to know, regardless of the reason for the biting, right? Well understanding the reasons behind it is a big part of it. Taking action, and doing so in a kind and understanding way is another part.

Whenever you are bitten always make it clear that you did not like it. Let out an ouch, and quickly withdraw your hand or whichever part of you was bitten. On the country praise them any time they do anything worth praising. It’s basic training methods really.

When you’re dealing with a rabbit that is known to be a biter, approach with caution, Don’t give it a reason, or an excuse to have a nibble. Always be careful with the placements of your hands. Think about what would be likely to make it bite, approach from above away from the mouth.

Always gently fuss the rabbit, make it feel welcome and not afraid in any way. This is all helping the bonding process, and strengthening the trust between the two of you. Use a calm, soothing voice too, avoiding any sudden loud or sharp noises.

In extreme situations wear gloves too, but don’t fret. Over time it will become easier and the rabbit will tame more. They are great at picking up on social situations, and will become fast aware that you are not tolerating biting.

Good luck, and please let me know how you get on, and if you have any other tips I can include for people regarding why do rabbits bite, please leave a comment and I will add them.






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