What Size Cage Does My Rabbit Need?

I would guess that you like having a decent amount of space to live in. So think about it, why would a rabbit be any different. Especially as rabbits are used to having a lot more space in the wild to run, jump, play and be free. As an owner you are responsible for providing decent living conditions, and most pet owners are willing to go the extra mile for their beloved pets.

What size cage does my rabbit need

What Size Cage Does My Rabbit Need?

As a rule of thumb, the smallest living space you should provide your pet rabbit is 12 sq ft. You should have separate areas for a toilet area, water and food bowls, and a sleeping area. It is important that there is adequate room for your rabbit to stretch out without being restricted by the cages sides. It can cause some health problems if your rabbit is too cramped for an extended period of time.

Providing Exercise Space

Your bunny needs regular exercise, and unless you are fortunate enough to have a large, open, secure space, you will need an enclosed run. The minimum recommended space for a rabbit run is 32 sq ft. These are fairly affordable and easy to find, but take care to make sure it is secure. Trying to catch a rabbit on the loose can be quite a task!

How to Keep Your Rabbit Happy in Its Home

Having plenty of space is the first part to keeping your rabbit happy in its home. Making their home clean, fun, and a place they are happy to hand out in is the second part. A happy rabbit will stay inside its hutch even when the door is left open. And unless it wants exercise, it will gladly return to its home.

Keep the fresh hay flowing, add some toys to chew on, and make sure the home is placed in a calm area. It needs to be free from damp or windy conditions, and not placed near anything noisy.

So now if anyone asks you, “what size cage does my rabbit need?”, you are well placed to answer them. I hope this article has been useful, if you have any questions or feedback please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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