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House Rabbit Behavior Explained and Understood

Understanding house rabbit behavior is very important if you’re going to form a strong, happy relationship with your rabbit(s). Most rabbit owners allow their bunnies into their homes. Some on occasion, some have indoor rabbits that live in their homes all year round. Co-existing between rabbits and

Housing Rabbits Together

Rabbits are social animals, and they do enjoy the company of other rabbits and housing rabbits together is recommended. Well, most of them do. In the wild they will happily mix in large colonies without a problem, and although domestic rabbits are different, and their situation is very different

Are Rabbits Right for You?

Are you considering adopting a rabbit and bringing it into your life? Are you wondering, are rabbits right for you? These are important questions, and not to be taken lightly. So you will need to look at your family situation and lifestyle, and make an educated decision

Rabbit Illness Symptoms

Rabbits are great at keeping healthy and not giving you any problems. But, there are some symptoms and ailments that can effect them. Here are some of the more common rabbit illness symptoms and problems that you might see from time-to-time: Rabbit Illness Symptoms Snuffles This is

Why Do Rabbits Grunt and Stomp?

Rabbit communicate to use in ways they know how. Sometimes we can be forgiven for not understanding exactly what they are trying to tell us. But there is always a reason for their behavior, and things we should be doing to answer them. A lot of people

Why Do Rabbits Bite?

Like other pets rabbits can act out aggressively at times towards us. There can be a range of different reasons and causes for this, so lets take a look at some of the possible reasons for why do rabbits bite? Bunnies have a few ways of showing