Rabbit Wormer

Many rabbit owners forget that rabbits can get worms. There is a lower risk with rabbits that are enclosed in cages, and do not get exposed to other animals. But you should still be aware of rabbit wormer, and how to keep your rabbits free from worms.

It’s not a common problem, but if left alone can cause more serous health issues, and even death. You can either choose to treat your pets routinely to prevent any worms, or treat them if you see signs of infection.

A rabbit in need of worming

Where Do the Worms Come From?

Worms can be picked up from various locations in the environment a rabbit will come into contact with. The faeces of other animals can contain worms eggs, such as dog or cat waste.

So if you have other pets, or you know other pets foul in your garden, you need to keep on top of any mess. This will stop the transmitting of worms and eggs to your bunny,

First Signs Your Rabbit Has Worms

You will be able to see some visible signs in your rabbit’s droppings. You’ll see small white worms, and sometimes signs of blood. There will generally be an increase in appetite too, as they take on extra food to feed the worms.

These signs are not a sure bet that worms are the reason. But they are strong indications, a visit to the vet will help confirm either way. You can use some treatment yourself if you suspect your pet has any of these symptoms.

Preventing and Treating Worms with Rabbit Wormer

As with any medical issue, prevention is much better than treatment. Especially if you have several pets within your household.

So treating your pets on a regular basis with de-worming treatments is recommended. There are several types on the market, here is one I recommend:

Rabbit WormerLapizole is an oral liquid to be given to rabbits. It will prevent and treat worms, to be used as a rabbit wormer.

It’s proven to be very effective in the treatment of worms, and recommended if you think your bunny needs worming.

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There are two main types of worms that affect bunnies, these are as follows:


These are horrible looking little creatures under the microscope. To look at them they are beige and coil up like a spring. There are some common types that can also infect humans, which is not a nice thought.

In the worst case scenario these worms can cause blindness in their hosts, be that animals or humans.


These are more common, look pale or white in color and can often be seen to be carrying eggs. Rabbits can ingest these by eating fleas while grooming, and they can be tricky to shift.

The longest tapeworms have been known to reach 5 meters in length, rare, but a scary thought.


These are fairly common in rabbits, and certain areas can be prone to them. Always clean you hands and anything you touch thoroughly if you’re treating a rabbit with pinworms.

Symptoms for pinworms in particular usually include loss of weight, while having an increased appetite. You will see what looks like grains of rice in their faeces, these are the eggs.


Do you bit as a responsible pet owner to keep your rabbits health in the best shape you can. Always act with prevention, but also cure at the earliest sign of any problem. Worms are only a serious problem if you allow it to escalate.