I have done my best to round up 3 of the best small rabbit runs. By design, runs are not supposed to be small. They are for rabbits to get some exercise, while not being able to escape.

So they are designed to be big, it would be a bit pointless to be the same size as their cage or smaller. That being said, take a look at the runs below and see if there is anything to suit you needs. All of the sizes in more detail are over on Amazon, click the title or picture to see.

Top 3 High Quality Small Rabbit Runs


Small Rabbit Runs Outdoor with Cover, 174 × 48 × 109 cm

Small Rabbit Runs

This run looks pretty good if you have a cage with similar construction. It’s stronger than some of the other metal frame types, so offers good value for money.

Bit more effort required to set it up, but you can leave it as a permanent feature in the garden.

Rabbit Triangle enclosed small run

Small Rabbit Runs

At first glance this run looks like some kind of puzzle that needs sorting out. It’s just the doors on either end open in the picture.

It’s a sold construction, welded together and coated in black powder. Good if you have two rabbits, there are two compartments where they can chill out.

Trixie natura outdoor run for young animals with net, 6 elements of 58 × 38 cm

Small Rabbit Runs

Looks like a small party going on in the picture with this one. This is a small(ish) run, with nice sun protection and a water bottle holder.

I like these style, because they are easy to pick up and move when necessary. It’s one of the less expensive runs too, so good value for money.


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