Personally I think the biggest rabbit run you can buy is your best bet. Rabbits love having room to exercise in, not only is it good for their health, but they are outdoor animals in the wild. So as much as they appreciate being pampered in captivity, they love running free.

A lot of these runs are collapsible, and they are all designed to be light as easy to move. So don’t get the idea in your head that you will have a large, heavy structure to move. Large rabbit runs are fairly inexpensive too as you’ll find out below.

 Top 3 High Quality Large Rabbit Runs


BLACK XX Large Rabbit Run

Large Rabbit RunsThis is the kind of run you will be dealing with when going large. It has a large volume capacity, steel construction, and is easy to move.

It comes flat pack so you won’t come home to find a package this size (obvious I guess). Just folds up into place and only takes a few mins.

Has 4 doors too so plenty of access to grab your bunny, regardless where it’s trying to hide.

Outdoor Rabbit Run Cage, 85-Inch, Black/Silver Rectangle

Large Rabbit RunsSimilar to the run reviewed above, but a little more expensive. The metal is protected a little more against rust and corrosion, so you can expect it to last longer.

Comes flat pack too, as you’d expect, Folds out easily and can be left up in bad weather conditions if you like.

Mixed reviews on this one over at Amazon, so give it a closer look and see what you think.

Large run / cage metalPlaypen with Cover

Large Rabbit Runs

I like this as large rabbit runs go. Has a tilted roof, so it looks like a long house. Plenty of access too so grabbing your rabbit out won’t be a problem.

This looks pretty cool in and among any vegetables you’re growing too. But make sure you don’t grow any in there, they won’t last 2 mins with a hungry bunny!

Take a look over at Amazon via the link below and see if you can find any other runs more suitable for you.

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