Exercise is important for rabbits. Having a run provides a safe, enclosed area for your pets to have a run around. There are plenty of cheap rabbit runs to choose from if you are working to a budget.

Look to buy the largest run you can afford and have space for. The more area a rabbit has to run around, hop, and jump, the happier it will be. Also take a look at the materials it’s constructed from, if you live in a windy place a flimsy run may get blown away.

Top 3 High Quality Cheap Rabbit Runs


Trixie 6251 with Netting for Sun Protection

Cheap Rabbit RunsThis is a great little starter run. As you can see from the picture, it’s large enough for one rabbit. Maybe two if they aren’t too big.

The netting roof adds some protection from the sun, stops any sneaky escapes, and looks pretty cool. It’s definitely¬†worth trying to get a run with a roof.

Trixie are a great brand too. I have seen some of their products in pet stores and they always look, and feel decent quality.

Me & My Pet Small Folding Indoor/Outdoor Playpen

Cheap Rabbit RunsI like this run because it’s lightweight, simple, yet effective. It does not come with any form of roof, so if you have a bunny with a spring in its step – expect it to escape.

That’s why this run is more of an indoor model. As you can see in the picture, it’s great for indoors. If you have a solid wood floor no need to worry about struggling to clean up.

Definitely¬†worth a look, it’s very affordable, and can be used for other pets too – not just rabbits.

VivaPet Medium Galvanized Weatherproof Rabbit Run

Cheap Rabbit Runs

While still coming in at a ‘cheap’ price, this rabbit run is galvanized and waterproof. It’s aimed more for people lucky enough to live in places like England, where rain is never more than a few days away it seems.

It is produced by a trusted brand, so no concerns about quality. Has an attachment for a water bottle on the side, so you can leave your bunnies to it for a while.

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