Rabbit runs are fairly simple to choose, they are large secure areas designed to give your rabbit the chance to get some exercise. They need to be strong enough to stand up without drooping or looking tired. Be secure enough that your bunny cannot escape (important!), and obviously be good value for money.

The pros and cons to having rabbit runs are as follows:

Pros of Rabbit Runs

  • It’s a great way for rabbits to get some exercise and you can keep an eye on them
  • They are fairly inexpensive
  • They are easy to set-up, use, and usually lightweight

Cons of Rabbit Runs

  • They can be cumbersome to store as they are quite big
  • There is a chance your rabbit can escape on some runs
  • It’s not the same as your rabbit having a wide open space to run around

Rabbit Runs

How to Find the Best Rabbit Runs

There is not a lot of complicated criteria when looking to buy a rabbit run. However, there are a few things you should consider to make sure you are making the best possible purchase.

In regards to finding the ideal run, here are some of the area’s to consider:


How much space do you have for a run in your back yard? Ideally you want to provide as much space as possible for your rabbits to exercise. So buy as big as you possibly can, might as well be generous to your beloved pets!


Taking into account that I have just recommended you buy the biggest possible run you can find, you need to check it can be easily stored. You won’t be leaving your run out all year round, so check if its collapsible, or that you have shed space to keep it before buying one.


Always be on the lookout for value for money. While it’s great to buy a quality product, you don’t need to go high end with a run. Essentially they are just enclosed areas for bunny’s to run around in, so as long as it’s well constructed, sturdy, and keeps the rabbit safe you’re good.


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