Sometimes you need small rabbit hutches. Maybe you only have a small space in your garden, or a small rabbit. You should always try and follow the guide lines here regarding how much space to give your rabbit however. But, if you are in the market for small rabbit hutches, you are spoil for choice. I have narrowed down three of the best right here for you to look at.

Top 3 High Quality Small Rabbit Hutches


Green Jem Small Rabbit Hutch

Small Rabbit HutchThis is a great little hutch. It has a triangular roof so there is no need for felt waterproofing.

Your rabbit has two areas, one enclosed area to sleep, and one area out in the open to get some sun and fresh air.

This hutch is reasonably priced, if you have a small area in your garden it will fit in nicely, and looks great.

 2-Story Small Rabbit Hutch

Small Rabbit Hutch

If floor space is an issue, just go upwards. This two story hutch is a great way to have plenty of floor space for the rabbit and not take up much room.

The half mesh bottom is ideal for keeping the weather off the bunnies upstairs. A ramp takes them to the top floor, and there is a door for easy access.

Small Rabbit Hutch Enclosure

Small Rabbit Hutch

Ok this one looks like a little bit of a prison. I thought I would add it to the list for anyone wanting an open hutch in the summer.

This hutch is great for leaving the door open, it acts as a ramp up into the hutch.

It’s a simple, affordable hutch, takes up a very small amount of space, and looks quirky. Worth a closer look i’d say.

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