Unless you have a home rabbit, you will need a hutch. Hutches are great for being kept outdoors. As long as you know what you are looking for you can find a reliable, strong, and great home for your rabbit. Large rabbit hutches are better, so try to by the largest hutch you have room to accommodate.

Top 3 High Quality Large Rabbit Hutches


 4.82 FT Large Indoor/Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Large Rabbit Hutches This is a nice large hutch with plenty of positive feedback on Amazon. 4.82′ with 3 separate areas if fairly generous. It’s constructed from Fir wood that has been treated and seasoned, giving it a longer life through tough weather conditions. This really is a good hutch for one or two rabbits to co-exist happily given the room. Check the latest prices by clocking the name or pictures to see the latest price.

Large Rabbit Hutch (215x63x100cm)

Large Rabbit Hutches A long hutch with a second floor in the middle. Ideal for rabbits, giving them space to run around, and an area to eat or sleep. Feedback on this hutch is good, it’s built with a solid construction, has easy access points, and looks great. These have been selling well due to their design. The traditional look has a higher platform on one side, I think the raised middle looks awesome.

Large Rabbit Hutch (152x62x92.5cm)


Large Rabbit Hutches

This hutch is built from high quality Cedar wood. Cedar is known for being great outdoors at resisting damage from weather, bugs, and mold. This hutch can also be used for birds and other small animals. As such, it has been given plenty of access doors and visibility. The wire meshing is reinforced to stop predators getting in, and the waterproof felting keeps things secure. Looks great along with other outdoor furniture you may have in a similar style.          

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