The majority of rabbits are kept outside in hutches. I have owned quite a few before and know what works, and what doesn’t. I have done my best to summarize some of the best hutches at the lowest prices. Meaning you get good value for money, and you can rest assumed your bunny is well taken care of.

Top 3 High Quality Cheap Rabbit Hutches


Small Wooden Rabbit Hutch

Cheap Rabbit HutchesThis is a great starter hutch. It’s large enough for one rabbit comfortably, it’s well built to be kept outdoors, and easy to move around.

It has a waterproof and hinged roof, so it’s very easy to open and reach in to clean or pick up your pet.

It comes with some assembling needed, but it’s incredibly easy. Should not take much more than 30 minutes, and at such a good price it’s certainly worth it.


 3 FT Wooden Hutch and Under Run

Cheap Rabbit HutchesA great example of a two-story affordable hutch for outdoor use.

Gives a little more room than the flat, one floor hutch. Keep the food and drinking bowls on the ground floor, and allow your bunny to sleep upstairs.

These are great all weather hutches, make sure you buy a cover for the winter months. and it should last for years.


 Rabbit HutCheap Rabbit Hutchesch With Ladder

Slightly larger than the previous hutch, and still only costing around £50. Click the link or picture to check the latest price.

Large door on the front makes it access to the hutch easy. It has a felt floor inside for easy of cleaning, and the construction is solid.

These two-story hutches really are good for the rabbits to have some space to move around. As far as cheap rabbit hutches go, this is an excellent started hutch.

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