Choosing between different rabbit hutches can feel a bit overwhelming without a little help, especially if it is your first time buying one. But fear not, here on RabbitCagesUK I have made it my goal to provide clear, informative breakdowns and comparisons of the best hutches on the market.

There are a few factors to consider when buying a hutch, and these will be explained in more detail further in to this article. But as long as you have space in your garden, and some time and care to make it work – you’ll find the right hutch for you and your rabbit.

The pros and cons to having rabbit hutches are as follows:

Pros of Rabbit Hutches

  • Easy to clean out – hutches generally have plenty of easy access.
  • Kept outdoors – hutches are situated in your garden, so no need to deal with any mess or smells in your house.
  • Hutches are usually built from wood and are very durable, can last for years when looked after correctly.

Cons of Rabbit Hutches

  • They are quite bulky, not everyone has enough space in their garden.
  • You will need to go outside often, if the weather conditions are bad this can become a bit of a chore.
  • You are most likely going to have to built, and perform some repairs over the years.

How to Find the Best Rabbit Hutches

With so many different types, brands, and constructions of hutches on the market it can be hard to find the best one for you and your rabbit. Ideally you need to look firstly for a hutch that is going to fit into your space just right. No point having an eye sore in the garden just because you want to treat your rabbit. SO measure up and get a good idea of what size you are looking for, measurements are always given in the descriptions when shopping online.

Rabbit Hutches

In regards to finding the ideal hutch, here are some of the area’s to consider:

Hutch Doors

Having easy access to the inside of a hutch is an absolute must. You do not want to struggle when you are putting your rabbit inside, or conversely taking it out. You will find that on most quality hutches there is either a large door, or the whole front panel will hinge down.

Hutch Size

You should be looking to buy the largest hutch you can afford, and accommodate. Giving your rabbit the maximum amount of living space will make them happier. Two story hutches are fairly common, and the best option. This provides the rabbit with space to sleep, and a separate area to eat and drink.

Food and Water Trays

You should have a steady supply of hay in the hutch, this can be given via a hatch or just placed on the floor. You will want an area for food and water bowls, plus somewhere for fresh vegetables. You should have a hutch with plenty of room for all of this, providing a clean and healthy environment for your bunny.

Hutch Construction

The majority of hutches are made from wood. These are great for outdoors use, if constructed well you should not experience any problems. Check all of the moving parts like the hinges, hatches, to be sure they are not loose. The roof should have a tight felt covering to protect your bunny from wet conditions. I recommend you buy a hutch cover to protect the hutch and your rabbit in bad weather conditions.


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