Rabbit hutch covers are a must if you keep your rabbit’s in an outdoor hutch. Good quality hutch covers are made out of durable plastic or weather resistant fabrics and offer several benefits;

  • Protecting your hutch in harsh weather conditions helping it to last longer.
  • Keeping your rabbits food and bedding dry.
  • Acting as a wind breaker for your rabbit.
  • Protects your rabbit form other animals.

Below are some of the best rabbit hutch covers at the best prices available. Always remember to make sure that the cover will fit your existing hutch.
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Rabbit Hutch Covers for RHL in dark green

Dark green Rabbit Hutch CoversThis cover is designed to fit the RHL rabbit hutch, but will also fit many other ad hoc hutches, be sure to check the dimensions before buying. Manufacturers recommendations are suitable for any hutch 120cm wide, 50cm depth and 104cm height.

You can roll up half way to allow access to the bottom doors without removing fully. Performs well in wet weather with a top roof rain flap and breathable venting.



Bunny Business Hutch Covers for Double Decker Hutch, 48-inch

Rabbit Hutch Covers 48InchYour rabbit hutch will be completely covered up and protected by this water-proof and insulating durable cover.

It’ll keep your rabbits snug by stopping the wind chill, rain and low temperatures.

The front can be rolled back to access the hutch doors and secured quickly back by Velcro.


Bunny Business Hutch Covers for Bb-48-Drh

Rabbit hutch covers bb48This type of cover is ideal for hutches with an extended base to provide rabbits with some run area.

Velcro roll back panels for easy access, durable high quality plastic.

Designed with the bb-48-drh model in mind but easily adaptable to other hutches with similar dimensions, follow a link to compare dimensions.



Scratch & Newton Double Hutch Hugger 123.5cmx65cmx123cm

Bateman rabbit hutch coversThe Bateman hutch hugger prides itself on being quick and easy to fit, just place it over the top of your hutch and you’re done.

There are lots of sizes and customization available by communicating to the manufacturers, so no need to think you won’t find something for you.

If your rabbits hutch takes pride of place in your garden, cover it with something to be proud of.