If you are lucky enough to have a large amount of space around your home, you can accommodate a large rabbit cage. There are a lot of large rabbit cages on the market, and it can prove difficult to find one with good value. I have done the hard work for you are searched the market, used my personal experience, and summarized the top 3 high quality large rabbit cages.

Top 3 High Quality Large Rabbit Cages


Little Friends Rabbit Cage, Double Tier, 80 cm

Large Rabbit Cages

This cage from Little Friends is suitable for almost any size rabbit. It has the two story design with a ramp allowing access from bottom to top floor.

It is effectively two cages stacked on top of each other with some modification. This works well and keeps the look very uniform.

The plastic bases allow for ease of cleaning, and the metal bars give the rabbit plenty of air and visibility.


Little Friends Rabbit Cage, Double Tier, 102 cm

Large Rabbit Cages Black

Little Friends also manufacture this deluxe two story cage. It’s slightly larger than the previous model above, offering more overall floor space.

Giving your pet as much room as possible is advisable, and these two story cages are just as good for two rabbits.

This particular model has a feeding tray on both floors, and as easy access ramp.

Ferplast Rabbit 120 Double Rabbit Cage, 102 cm

Large Rabbit Cages BlueI thought I would include the best Ferplast double large rabbit cages to show you some brand diversity.

They tend to be a little more expensive than the Little Friends cages, but the quality is superior to add to the value. You’ll need to click the picture or title to see the latest prices.

This cage comes with a small built in feeding area on the top. You can remove or add several add-on accessories to the metal bars. So don’t worry, you are able to customize as necessary.

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