If you are looking around for the cheapest possible indoor rabbit cage then look no further. I have done the searching for you and summarized the top 3 cheapest rabbit cages on the market. I also took into account finding a trusted brand, quality of build and made sure they are practical for rabbits.

Top 3 High Quality Cheap Rabbit Cages


Little Friends Rainbow Rabbit Cage

Cheap Rabbit Cages - Small BlueLittle Friends are a well known brand within the small pet world. They make a range of cages and other accessories for all kinds of pets, from rodents, to exotic creatures and rabbits.

When it comes to cheap rabbit cages this small blue indoor cage is a popular option, at the time of writing this is was only about £15, so click the picture or title to check the latest price at Amazon.

Be sure to double check all the measurements and other aspects of the cage. I pointed out on this page everything you need to check to make sure it is suitable.


Little Friends Zeon Rabbit Cage

Cheap Rabbit Cages - Dark BlueIf you are looking for something a little taller for the space you have available. This Zeon cage might be ideal for you.

Retailing from £20 this is one of the cheaper rabbit cages on the market. However, it is a good quality build, with a plastic base and metal cage bars.


Little Friends Rabbit Cage

Cheap Rabbit Cages - PurpleThis is another inexpensive offering from Little Friends. This cage is recommended only for travelling and transporting your pet.

We all need a cage for transporting our bunnies to vets, or areas to play and run. I have one of these in the garage for when needed. All of these cages have easy to remove cage lids, just a couple of clips to pop and they come apart.

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