Rabbit cages are fairly simple to choose between as there is not usually a lot of difference between them. People generally choose cages if they are keeping the rabbit indoors, rabbit cages are a lot easier to move around and clean making them more convenient.

The pros and cons to having rabbit cages are as follows:

Pros of Rabbit Cages

  • Easy to clean out – cages are not very big, easy to handle and usually very easy to clean.
  • Kept indoors – seeing as the cage is indoors its very easy to visit your rabbit whatever the weather, no need to go outside.
  • Cages are inexpensive and easy to replace if they get damaged.

Cons of Rabbit Cages

  • Your rabbit can easily outgrow a small cage if you do not plan ahead.
  • Unless you allow your rabbit to run around inside your house you will need to attach a run/exercise pen.
  • You will need to clean out the cage more often than a large outdoors hutch.

Rabbit Cages

How to Find the Best Rabbit Cages

When looking for a rabbit cage there are some points to pay attention to. Firstly you need to have a good idea how big your rabbit is going to grow as an adult. You should have been told what breed it is when you bought it, so do a little due diligence and buy an appropriately sized cage. If you are unsure what size cage you need please read guide on what size cage does my rabbit need?.

In regards to finding the ideal cage, here are some of the area’s to consider:

Cage Doors

Is the cage door big enough for you to safely place and remove your rabbit in and out of the cage? Plan ahead to when your bunny is fully grown, if you intend to keep the same cage for your grown pet make sure it is big enough. Also, take into account where you will be keeping your cage, you may favor the door being on a certain side for easy access.

Cage Size

This is possibly the most important factor to consider when buying a cage. You cannot have a cage that is too small for your rabbit, this is cruel and will have a negative effect on its health and life. As well as having space for your rabbit to live, move and sleep in, you will need space for food, water, possibly a litter tray and some toys.

Food and Water Trays

You will be putting food in for your bunny daily, so a nice big easy access tray for hay and other food is ideal. Personally I like to have a cage with a large door on the front for access, then a large tray on the side to hold hay. With enough room for a food bowl inside to add fresh vegetables and a water bottle on the side, this will give your rabbit a healthy and comfortable environment.

Cage bars

You have a couple of options with cage bars. If you have untreated stainless steel they will be silver, but more often than not the cage bars will have been treated or covered in plastic to match the color of the cage. The problem with plastic covered cage bars is that rabbits tend to bite on them. This can cause some of the covering to wear off over time, and even allow corrosion on the bars long term. I prefer natural stainless steel bars.


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