Rabbits love to eat, what pet doesn’t? They tend to graze a lot throughout the day and they should have fresh hay available at all times. Rabbits have a complex and delicate digestive system and need a lot of fiber to keep things operating smoothly.

They enjoy and benefit from eating a cup full of fresh vegetables daily too. Along with some food pellets that have been specially formulated for bunnies. Not forgetting they need fresh water at all times. Rabbits are easy to keep as pets, and this isn’t a lot to ask. Its one of the reasons rabbits are popular pets to keep and great for children to learn about responsibility and caring for animals.

There are some really great foods available to buy in bulk and this is probably the easiest way to ensure your bunnies are getting their nutrition and fiber intake. Here are some of the best examples you can pick up to keep your rabbits healthy and happy.

Rabbit Food and Hay

Rabbit food hayAs discussed, you cannot leave your bunny without a supply of fresh, good quality hay. This is one brand that I have used and it always goes down a treat.

This pack comes as a good bundle that you can keep near your hutch. You should have a hatch to pass hay into the hutch or an area inside where you place it.

Just grab a handful each day and place it in their hutch. Keep the bag stored somewhere dry and clean.


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Rabbit foodThis pack from Wagg are known as bunny brunch. It’s basically pellets packed with nutrition content to deliver good quality food really easily. It offers:

Calcium – to keep your bunnies teeth and bones strong and healthy.

Fiber – important for a rabbits digestive system.

Yeast – another important ingredient for healthy bunnies.

Apple and Grape Extracts – to give it a tasty flavour and keep your pets coming back for more.


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Rabbit food pellets


This is another pellet feed that has all the good stuff in that your rabbits need to stay healthy.

Pellets are an important part of a rabbit’s diet. Along with hay and some veggies and leafy greens, they help round off their diet and provide some important vitamins and minerals.

This feed has mint to flavouring which rabbits are always attracted too. It has natural antioxidants and other minerals to keep their digestive system operating perfectly, and their immune system strong.


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