With any pet, a lot of the fun comes with buying toys and accessories. There are lots of rabbit accessories to choose from, so I thought I would show you some of the best, and some of the necessary items.

Assuming you have a decent cage, be it an outdoor or indoor one, you will need some accessories. You want to give your rabbit some comfort, and something to play with. There is also the issue of having something to chew on, and areas for food and water.

So let’s start with some of the necessities;

Water Bottles

You absolutely need to provide your bunny with fresh water. Some owners choose to put a bowl of water in each day, but this can be problematic. Firstly, rabbits have a tendency to knock bowls over, or throw stuff into them – spoiling it.

Secondly, if you get called away suddenly, or miss checking on the bowl for a prolonged period of time – your bunny may be without water and getting thirsty.

It’s for these reasons why I prefer water bottles. Just attach them to the side of their cage, and they can drink from it when they want. They can last for days, although it’s good practice to put fresh water in daily.

Water bottle rabbit accessoriesThese are your standard issue water bottles. They are inexpensive, easy to fit to any cage, and colorful!

They come in 3 sizes, and 3 colors, so plenty of options to match them to your decor.

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Food Bowls

As part of rabbits overall diets, you will be feeding them hay, vegetables, and some pellets. You’re best bet to keep things tidy is to use a food bowl for the pellets. They are messy eaters as you no doubt already know, so this is somewhat of a must if you ask me.

Rabbit food bowlThis is the classic looking food bowl. A sturdy, ceramic build. Not easy to knock over or destroy, always a big plus with boisterous bunnies.

I found this comment funny from the manufacturer “This bowl could also be used with other animals such as reptiles and guinea pigs (just cover up the rabbit lettering)”

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I thought I wold take this opportunity to show you an interesting design. Food bowls are not the most interesting of items, so this brings a slightly different twist.

Designer rabbit bowl accessoryYou can be forgiven if you have never seen a designer food bowl for rabbits before.

I think it looks really cool, and it isn’t much more expensive than a regular bowl. So if you think your pet deserves the best, pick one up.

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Rabbit Toys

Rabbits like to have fun, and even be a bit mischiveous. Exercise is important to them too, so you should have a rabbit run. This means yo uhave plenty of space to put toys in their cage, and outside when weather permits.

Rabbit tunnelThis is a simple classic, but still brings joy to thousands of pets. It’s a bendy tunnel, kind of like a slinky but with a solid construction.

I recommend one of these for starters, just bend it out into the desired shape you want and watch your beloved pet run through.

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