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Foster Rabbits: Everything You Need to Know

Wondering what it takes to foster rabbits? Or why people choose to foster rabbits? When someone decides to foster one or more rabbits they are doing so to help care for them until they can be permanently rehoused. It’s an act of generous and caring people who

House Rabbit Behavior Explained and Understood

Understanding house rabbit behavior is very important if you’re going to form a strong, happy relationship with your rabbit(s). Most rabbit owners allow their bunnies into their homes. Some on occasion, some have indoor rabbits that live in their homes all year round. Co-existing between rabbits and

Housing Rabbits Together

Rabbits are social animals, and they do enjoy the company of other rabbits and housing rabbits together is recommended. Well, most of them do. In the wild they will happily mix in large colonies without a problem, and although domestic rabbits are different, and their situation is very different

Rabbit Illness Symptoms

Rabbits are great at keeping healthy and not giving you any problems. But, there are some symptoms and ailments that can effect them. Here are some of the more common rabbit illness symptoms and problems that you might see from time-to-time: Rabbit Illness Symptoms Snuffles This is

Heat Pads for Rabbits

Modern domestic rabbits have evolved over the years, and they can tolerate colder temperatures now. Rabbits do not hibernate in the cold winter months out in the wild, their thick warm coats keep them warm enough. Bunnies like a temperature of around 60 degrees F, but they

Rabbit Wormer

Many rabbit owners forget that rabbits can get worms. There is a lower risk with rabbits that are enclosed in cages, and do not get exposed to other animals. But you should still be aware of rabbit wormer, and how to keep your rabbits free from worms.

Rabbit Eye Infection

Eye problems are not common in Rabbits, but a rabbit eye infection is not to be ignored. If you notice your bunny looks like they have been crying, there may be a problem. You might see thin strings of mucus on their face, usually down their cheeks.

Flea Treatment for Rabbits

Just like cats and dogs, rabbits can and probably will get fleas from time to time. Fleas are annoying little insects that feed on the blood of their hosts. The problem is that fleas carry a wide range of diseases. Having your pet vaccinated, or treating the

Looking after Your Pet Rabbit

Whether you are a going to be a new rabbit owner, or you have owned rabbit’s before, there are some good tips in this article that might help. Looking after your pet rabbit doesn’t need to feel like a chore, I should and can be fun and