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Tort Lionhead Rabbit

The tort Lionhead rabbit is an interesting breed of rabbit. It’s a fairly new addition to the domestic rabbit rosta, yet there is still some facts and information unknown about them. The breed has been recognized officially in the UK since 2002. One thing that we do

Lionhead Rabbit Facts

Here are some Lionhead Rabbit facts to help you become more familiar with this cute breed of rabbit. They make great pets, are fun and easy to care for and are becoming more popular all the time. Here are some interesting facts: Lionhead Rabbit Facts The Lionhead

Rex Rabbit Facts and Information

The Rex rabbit is a popular choice of rabbit breed. First appearing in the early 1900’s, the breed was born when breeding rabbits for domestic pets was booming. Wild rabbits were spotted with a more dense and softer coat to the touch, and this gene was sought

Best House Rabbit Breeds

Rabbits have been one of the most popular house pets for many decades now. If you’re looking for your first pet rabbit you’re going to need to know what the best house rabbit breeds are, and which is best for you. As owners become more familiar with

30 Interesting Facts About Rabbits

With so much information out there about bunnies I decided to put together this 30 Interesting Facts About Rabbits. It’s a quick and easy way to reference some of the more interesting and relevant facts about rabbits. Enjoy. 30 Interesting Facts About Rabbits A rabbits life expectancy is

Are Rabbits Right for You?

Are you considering adopting a rabbit and bringing it into your life? Are you wondering, are rabbits right for you? These are important questions, and not to be taken lightly. So you will need to look at your family situation and lifestyle, and make an educated decision