Can Rabbits Eat Toilet Roll Tubes

Can Rabbits Eat Toilet Roll Tubes

There are endless uses for the inside of toilet rolls. It always feels goo do to make use of things instead of just throwing them out. Have¬†you been putting them in your rabbits’ hutch? Are you wondering, can rabbits eat toilet roll tubes and can they cause harm?

The good news is, it’s perfectly safe for rabbits to chew on and eat a little if they want to. The tubes make great toys too as you will see in the video below. You can hide bits of food in them or stuff them with hay. Give you bunnies something to figure out and stimulate them a little.

Rabbits need things to chew on. The cardboard rolls aren’t the best and keeping their teeth trimmed, but it’s still useful. If you start using other bits of cardboard be careful about ink and sticky things that may be on there.

The good thing about toilet roll tubes is that they are just plain cardboard. They don’t present any form of danger to your bunnies, so don’t worry. It’s a great way to recycle the tubes and provide some free fun, so why not give them the tubes in future!

Remember to keep plenty of hay available for your rabbits to graze on. This keeps them happy and their digestive system working as it should. Pellets and greens complete their diet.

Toys like tubes keep them interested and give them something to play with.