Can Rabbits Eat Runner Beans

Can Rabbits Eat Runner Beans

Runner beans are part of the legume family of vegetables and are also called multiflora beans, or scarlet runner beans sometimes. I ate a lot of runner beans growing up as my parents used to grow them.

But, can rabbits eat runner beans and are they on the list of safe foods for them to consume? – No, they are not, and rabbits must not eat runner beans!

Runner beans are toxic to rabbits, as well as some other animals. I’ve heard cases of rabbits dying because they were being fed runner beans and the owner didn’t know the risk. So if this helps one person I’ll be incredibly happy.

Keep the vegetables and leafy greens to the recommended 15% of the total diet. Too much green for rabbits does cause them a problem. Keep the supply of fresh Timothy hay available and they will have a healthy digestive system.

Pellets and veggies help give them all the other nutrition they need. If you’re introducing new foods that you have been told are safe, do so in small amounts and one at a time. You will see signs of illness like wet poop and such if it’s causing them a digestive problem.

Any problems, just stop giving them whichever food you are introducing. Always act on the side of cautions with bunnies, they have sensitive digestive systems. Keep the treats like fruits and other foods to a minimum too.