What Can Rabbits Eat and Not Eat List

What Can Rabbits Eat and Not Eat List

I’ve been looking after rabbits for a number of years and have fed them a wide range of different foods. In this article I have tried to answer, what can rabbits eat and not eat list.

Rabbits enjoy eating different foods and providing them a varied diet is good for them. You should always check what you are providing for them to eat is safe. As well as keeping an eye on them and how they react to the foods.

The bulk of a rabbit’s diet should consist of good quality hay that they can graze on whenever they want. This provides most of the fibre they need to keep their digestive system operating well.

You should also provide some pellets formulated for bunnies and supply some vegetables and greens daily. I will go into which vegetables and how much in more detail throughout this article.

Introducing New Foods to Your Bunnies

When introducing new foods to your buns always do so one at a time, and in small amounts. It’s not difficult to feed rabbits and make sure they are getting all the nutrition they need.

When it comes to giving them treats and deciding on which vegetables is where it can get a little tricky sometimes. Each bunny is different and will like different foods. While some foods are outright toxic for bunnies and should never be given to them (see below).

If you notice your rabbits are showing any signs of being unwell then withdraw the food you have been introducing right away. Rabbits have sensitive digestive systems and they can’t tolerate too much food that doesn’t agree with them.

What Can Rabbits Eat and Not Eat List

You should provide your rabbits with some fresh leafy greens, or vegetables each day. These should be around a cup full, and will not be more than 15% of your bunnies total diet.

Vegetables and Leafy Greens That Are Safe to Eat

Non-Leafy Vegetables That Are Safe to Eat

Fruits That Are Safe to Eat (in Moderation)

As a rule of thumb, fruits should only be given to rabbits in small amounts and on occasion as treats. I wouldn’t give them more than a handful per week or you risk giving them an upset tummy at the very least.

Here are some fruits that should be fine in moderation. But as mentioned above, always keep a close eye on your bunnies for any signs that something is not agreeing with them.