Can Rabbits Eat Lettuce

Can Rabbits Eat Lettuce

Lettuce is a leafy vegetable that’s fairly easy to grow and popular all around the world. It’s a nutritional vegetable and great for us to eat, I eat a fair bit myself and love it in salads.

You may or may not like eating lettuce, but can rabbits eat lettuce?

Even though it seems to be common knowledge that rabbits like lettuce, its not always a good idea to feed it to them. Some types of lettuce, such as iceberg in particular, or other watery lettuces are not good for rabbits at all. They will almost certainly give them some stomach issues. It’s common for people to throw bits of vegetables for their bunnies that they don’t eat themselves, such as the stalks. I don’t recommend this.

The ideal balance of food for your rabbit it plenty of good quality Timothy Hay, some pellets, and fresh water. Anything else should be given in moderation to mix up their overall diet a little.

You’re responsible for what your rabbits are eating. Try to avoid giving them digestive problems and bad stomachs, always air on the side of caution if you’re not sure about anything.