Can Rabbits Eat Kiwi Skin

Can Rabbits Eat Kiwi Skin
Kiwi’s, or Chinese gooseberries as they are also known are popular fruits all over the world. They are usually eaten in slices or spooned out of the skin, you also come across kiwi in a lot of desserts and other treats.

Typically we don’t eat the skins. Some people do, and it is safe to eat the skin, but more often that not it’s thrown away. So, can rabbits eat kiwi skin instead of us throwing it away? They can do, it’s not harmful to them in any way.

The skin is better for them than the main kiwi part itself. You should still only give it to them in moderation through, fruits are treats and not part of their main diet. Giving them too much can cause some stomach issues like runny poop.

Your bunnies should be eating lots of hay daily. As well as having some pellets and vegetables available to eat, and of course fresh water. Fruits and other foods you don’t typically give them are treats.

Introduce new foods slowly and in small amounts to see how they take to it at first. If there is no bad reactions you can carry on.