Can Rabbits Eat Kale


Can Rabbits Eat Kale

KaleĀ is one of the super-foods that all the health guru’s recommend we eat plenty of. It’s a nice vegetable that can used in a wide range of cooking dishes, smoothies, or just boiled and eaten.

Not all foods that are good for us are good for our bunnies however. So, can rabbits eat kale?

Rabbits can eat kale, and it is safe for them to do so. I have read some articles that state only curly leaf kale, as the normal variety can be a bit too rough. I’m not sure how accurate this is. Kale is a low in oxalic acid, this much I do know. Which means it’s on the safe life for rabbits to eat.

Vegetables and leafy greens should only make up a small amount of your bunny’s diet however. You should be giving the plenty of Timothy Hay and a few pellets a day, along with fresh water of course. As part of their leafy greens you can include some kale and it should go down well.

If you think your rabbits is having a bad reaction to the kale stop giving it to them immediately. Remember to wash the greens before feeding them too in case they have had pesticides used on them.

Do everything you can to keep your bunny happy, healthy, and well fed. In return they will give you all the fun and love we all enjoy from our pet rabbits.