Can Rabbits Eat Italian Parsley

Can Rabbits Eat Italian Parsley

If you’re looking for some other greens to feed you rabbit then you have probably tried some herbs. Rabbits do enjoy a lot of different herbs, although there are some that are toxic to them so you have to check before feeding them new herbs.

If you’re wondering, can rabbits eat Italian parsley? Then the answer is yes.

Rabbits can eat all types of parsley, such as regular, curly, cilantro, and Italian. Curly parsley tends to be the least expensive and the most common to feed to them.

While on the topic of safe herbs you can also feed your bunnies basil, dill, coriander, mint, sage, thyme and rosemary. These are some of the more common herbs people add to their diet.

You should only been feeding herbs as additional supplement to their regular diet. Make sure they always have hay available, some pellets and a cup full of green vegetables daily.

Keep treats to a minimum and make sure they are getting enough fiber. A few pinches of herbs won’t hurt and adds some variation to their diet.