Can Rabbits Eat Iris Leaves

Can Rabbits Eat Iris Leaves

If your rabbits have the run of your garden and you have all kinds of different plants, flowers, and herbs growing you’re probably wondering, can rabbits eat iris leaves?

Unfortunately they cannot. They cannot eat any part of the plant, this includes the iris leaves, stalk, and bulbs. All of which are toxic to bunnies and you will have a seriously poorly bunny on your hands if they do eat any of these parts of this plant.

Bunnies need plenty of Timothy hay in their diets daily to keep their digestive systems operating smoothly. They need a lot of fiber and the vitamins and nutrition found in vegetables.

You should also provide good quality pellets and keep a supply of fresh water available. Keep them well away from other plants and herbs, and only try to let them eat foods that you are giving them.

This way you know exactly what they are eating. If they get sick you can probably narrow it down to what’s causing the illness and remove that food.

Bunnies have sensitive digestive systems, do your part as a responsible owner to supply good foods and ensure they are healthy and happy.