Can Rabbits Eat Haylage

Can Rabbits Eat Haylage

With rabbits eating their way through generous amounts of hay daily a lot of owners look for some alternatives and variations to keep them interested and vary their diets a little.

A lot of people wonder, can rabbits eat haylage? Haylage is a replacement for normal hay, it’s basically grass grown and cut in the same way as hay but dried over a much shorter time.

Haylage is regarded as highly nutritional hay, but without some of the dust and spores that can be found in lower quality normal hay. There are also different types of haylage, so you need to check what you’re buying if you’re picking some up. Go for the best possible quality.

With that being said I don’t recommend feeding your rabbit haylage as its only source of hay. Rabbits have complex digestive systems and require a good supple of high fiber hay, so I’d feed them Timothy hay as their main feed and supplement it with haylage if you have some.

Don’t forget to complete their diet with some pellets and fresh vegetables. It’s not hard feeding rabbits, but you have to keep the foods pretty strict to keep them from getting sick.