Can Rabbits Eat Hay

Can Rabbits Eat Hay

Can rabbits eat hay? Are you kidding me, they love hay! There are a lot of different hays, Timothy hay and Meadow hay are the best two for your bunny. Their digestive systems require a lot of fiber and roughage in their diets to stay healthy.

With a constant supply of hay available you will see your rabbits snacking and nibbling on the hay on and off throughout the day, they will eat as much as they need. You job is just to keep the hay available.

Rabbits are their own worst enemies when it comes to food. They don’t have a good sense of what is and isn’t good for them. Well, domestic rabbits don’t. They have been bred in captivity for many years and are a lot more dependent on us than their wild cousins.

To keep your rabbits dietary needs met you should keep a constant supply of hay coming. Feed them some pellets as directed on their box as the amounts depends on your size and breed of rabbit. Then there is some fresh vegetables each day and plenty of water.

Not a lot to ask really, rabbits are easy to keep as pets which makes them a popular choice for children to look after.

Keep treats and other foods to a minimum. The last thing you want is a rabbit with an upset stomach!