Can Rabbits Eat Flowers

Can Rabbits Eat Flowers

I’m often asked, can rabbits eat flowers? This is a broad question because there are endless different types of flowers and there are some that are safe, and some that aren’t. If you are letting your rabbits run loose in your garden there are a few things to consider:

1. You should fence off or cover flowers you want to keep or they might get nibbled on.

2. If you have been using pesticides and weed killer you must not allow your bunnies near these areas.

3. Identify which flowers, weeds, herbs, or other plants your rabbits do have access to and check they are safe for consumption.

As I’m sure you are aware, rabbits have sensitive little tummy’s when it comes to eating new and different foods. They eat a lot of Timothy hay because it’s high in fiber and good for them. Pellets and vegetables help to round off their diet and you can supplement different foods as treats or ways to provide more vitamins.

If your bunnies eat a few wild flowers in the garden it’s not going to harm them. Just don’t make a point of picking some and putting them in their hutch for them to eat.