Can Rabbits Eat Fish

Can Rabbits Eat Fish

Rabbits are herbivores, not carnivores. This means that they eat plants, not meats like cats and dogs for example. Fish is a meat, so therefore rabbits are not going to be interested in eating fish of any type.

People often wonder, can rabbits eat fish if it’s been cooked and it’s still the same answer – no.

You might find the odd case of a rabbit having a nibble on a bit of fish, but it’s just not good for them to do so. I don’t recommend attempting to give them anything fishy based at all as it’s likely to give them some stomach issues if they do eat some.

Rabbits need a constant supply of Timothy hay to keep their digestive system operating healthily. It’s high in fiber and other important nutrients they need to stay healthy. To supplement this you should be giving them some pellets and a few leafy vegetables each day.

If you’re looking for healthy treats try some different vegetables and herbs like carrots, fennel, or parsley. But always introduce need foods slowly, one at a time, and don’t give them too much.