Can Rabbits Eat Figs

Can Rabbits Eat Figs

Figs are very similar to dates and come under the same category of sugary fruits. Rabbits shouldn’t eat dates, so can rabbits eat figs instead? No, they are just as bad for them as they have way too much sugar in them too.

Sugar is a major cause of stomach upset in rabbits and should be avoided. The occasional treat is ok. A little treat here and there about once a week or so maybe.

Rabbits rely on foods that are high in fiber and provide a good range of vitamins and nutrition. Timothy hay is the primary source of fiber, it’s a hay that they can eat all day and it the major factor in keeping their digestive system working nicely and keeping them healthy.

Make sure you give them some veggies and greens daily that’s good for them. You can put some treat types foods in there, but there are other fruits that are less sugary and rich like figs. Try some sliced apple minus the core and seeds, dried banana, or mango.

This also applies to dried figs, and the leaves and branches of the fig plant aren’t suitable either. So I would avoid all things related to fig.