Can Rabbits Eat Feijoas

Can Rabbits Eat Feijoas

Feijoa’s are interesting fruits. They are native to Brazil and more commonly known as pineapple guava across the rest of the world. If you’ve never seen a feijoa it’s an egg-shaped fruit that’s lime green in color and the fruit inside is a whiteish color.

It’s a delicious fruit that to us tastes a bit like pineapple and guava, hence its name. Rabbits too enjoy the taste, but can rabbits eat feijoas safely and not have any digestion issues – no, not really. They aren’t toxic or dangerous for rabbits to eat, but they are high in sugar content and do pose a digesting problem.

Especially if they were to eat a lot.

Think about it like this. Your rabbit’s diet is mostly Timothy hay, because it’s high in fiber and a good form of roughage which they need to process foods. They also eat pellets which are full of good vitamins and nutritional goodness. So fruits don’t exactly fit in with the types of foods that’s good for them to eat.

Feijoas should be treated strictly as treats and given to rabbits on rare occasions if at all. Always try a tiny bit the first time too and check that it doesn’t cause them any serious issues.