Can Rabbits Eat Daffodils

Can Rabbits Eat Daffodils

If your rabbits run freely around your garden or you have a large rabbit run then you need to know what they may potentially be eating among the grass.

Can rabbits eat daffodils in your garden for example?

Daffodils can grow and spread pretty quickly, especially in the summer. They are really common in the wild where wild rabbits graze, so they are not new to bunnies.

Daffodils are safe to eat, so there isn’t a health risk. You may not want them chewed up and destroyed though, so if not you should protect them as they will get nibbled on eventually.

The only worry if you pick daffodils in the wild is that they might have pesticides on. But in your garden you should be well aware if there are any chemicals being used.

Rabbits should be eating plenty of Timothy hay and pellets as their main diet. As well as a handful of vegetables a day to give them a good range of vitamins and nutrition.

If you let them run around outside they will graze on bits of grass and plants, but it’s not going to contribute to their diet.