Can Rabbits Eat Cucumber

Can Rabbits Eat Cucumber

Cucumber is a delicious vegetable that can be found in most salads. The plant grows as a creeping vine and the cucumbers grow off the vine to be picked when ripe. It’s not a difficult vegetable to grow, making it a popular choice in allotments and back yards across the country.

A lot of people don’t eat the skin or the ends and find themselves throwing away parts of a cucumber. Which makes it an obvious choice to give to family pets to save wastage, right?

So, can rabbits eat cucumber and is it good for them? Yes, it’s absolutely fine. You should feed it to them in moderation as you would all vegetables of course, and there will shouldn’t be any issues.

When introducing new foods that you are sure are safe, do so in small amounts and one at a time. You will see signs of illness like wet poop and such if it’s causing them a digestive problem.

If you spot any problems, just stop giving them whichever food you are introducing. Always be careful what your rabbits have access to nibble on. They aren’t good at deciding what they should and shouldn’t eat, it’s up to you to keep an eye on them.

Rabbits need to eat plenty of hay to keep their digestive system in order. Pellets and vegetables provide important nutrition but are too rich in large amounts.