Can Rabbits Eat Corn on the Cob

Can Rabbits Eat Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob and sweet corn may not be¬†harmful and taste great to us, but they are potentially fatal to bunnies and should never be fed to them. Can rabbits eat corn on the cob if it’s been cooked instead of raw – no.

The main problem is that the hulls on the corn do not get digested properly by the rabbits. There has been numerous incidents of these hulls getting caught in a rabbits digestive system and causing a blockage.

When it comes to feeding rabbits vegetables you should only give them leafy greens and vegetables that are known to be safe for them to eat. They should be getting around a cup full a day of different vegetables along with their normal diet.

Rabbits mostly eat Timothy hay and specially formulated pellets. This gives them all the nutrition they need and will keep them healthy. Vegetables are just a supplement to their diet and not a staple part of it.

Keep corn well away from them, keep treats to a minimum, and do everything you can to give your bunnies the best care possible. In return they will give you all the love and fun you could ask for!