Can Rabbits Eat Chocolate

Can Rabbits Eat Chocolate

I’m always amazed how many people give chocolate to their rabbits and other pets. Chocolate is toxic to most animals, and this includes rabbits. So, can rabbits eat chocolate under any circumstances?

Absolutely not, it’s just not worth the risk.

The scientific reason is that there is a compound in chocolate that is toxic to rabbits called theobromine. We are able to break down this compound and it’s not harmful to us at all. I’m sure you’ll agree that chocolate is hard to resist, it’s far from toxic to us.

Chocolate can cause a rabbit to have an accelerated heart rate, seizures, and will cause diarrhea in small amounts. There are no reasons why you should be allowing your rabbits to have any.

Stick to the main basics of a rabbit’s diet. Plenty of Timothy hay, some pellets, and fresh water are the main three elements of a healthy diet. Keep treats to a minimum, and provide leafy vegetables that are safe for them to eat.