Can Rabbits Eat Bell Peppers

Can Rabbits Eat Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are on the list of safe foods for rabbits. So, can rabbits eat bell peppers without getting sick?

Yes, they can but you should only give them peppers in moderation as you would with other vegetables. Vegetables should only make up 15% of your rabbits diet as a maximum. I feed them a little less than this as I really don’t want to give them any digestive issues.

Rabbits needs plenty of Timothy hay to meet their high fiber needs and to keep their digestive system healthy. You should supplement their diet with good quality pellets and keep a supply of fresh water available. Leafy vegetables and other vegetables like bell peppers are to be given on top of this to add some variation to their diet.

It’s worth pointing out too that this applies to all colors of bell peppers. Personally, I remove the core and seeds and just slice the outside part into strips, much like you would if you were using the pepper for yourself.

Try these peppers on your bunnies in a small amount at first and see how they respond, I’m sure you will see some happy bunnies eating them up pretty quick.