Can Rabbits Eat Beetroot Leaves

Can Rabbits Eat Beetroot Leaves

Beetroot is the root part of the beet plant. In the US this vegetable is referred to as a beet, also being called a red beet, table beet, golden beet, and garden beet. In the UK we call them beetroots.

They are easily identifiable in foods due to their strong red colouring. We only eat the main part of the vegetable however, we don’t eat the leaves. If you buy beetroot fresh you have probably throw, the leaves away, or maybe given them to your rabbit?

So, being a vegetable that’s safe and tasty for us to eat you’re probably wondering, can rabbits eat beetroot leaves?

Yes, it’s absolutely fine in small amounts. You should treat is as any vegetable, that means just giving your bunnies some as part of their daily portion. Mix it up with other vegetables to give them a varied diet and they will be very happy.

Pellets and veggies provide a lot of the nutrition they need. While good quality hay gives them the fiber and keeps their digestive system operating perfectly.

If you’re introducing new foods that you have been told are safe, do so in small amounts and one at a time. You will see signs of illness like wet poop and such if it’s causing them a digestive problem.

Any problems, just stop giving them whichever food you are introducing. Always be careful what your rabbits have access to nibble on, they have sensitive digestive systems. Keep the treats like fruits and other foods to a minimum.