Can Rabbits Eat Beans

Can Rabbits Eat Beans

Beans are the staple of many meals and are a quick and easy way to get some good nutritional content.

But, can rabbits eat beans too, and is it safe for them to do so?

The good news is that rabbits love green beans, as they do most vegetables. The bad news is you need to restrict how much they eat. Beans are a vegetable, and the rule about vegetables is to not give them more than 15% of their total diet. Generally speaking this is a cup full a day depending on the breed and size of your bunny.

Rabbits need good quality Timothy hay and fresh water as the main staple of their diet, as well as some formulated bunny pellets. They have complex digestive systems and require a lot of fiber to process their food. Fruits and vegetables are ok in moderation. Fruits are more of a treat as they have high sugar content. Vegetables supplement their diet and provide some important vitamins and minerals.

If it’s the first time you’re feeding your bunny beans try them on a small amount first time. As long as they eat them up and you don’t see anything that gives you cause for concern, go ahead start including it as part of their vegetable consumption.