Can Rabbits Eat Banana Peel

Can Rabbits Eat Banana Peel

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits to have around the household. They taste great, are sweeter than a lot of other fruits, and are easy and convenient to eat.

They are easy to break up and share too, so should you be sharing your banana with your bunny? Can rabbits eat banana peel as well as the banana and not have an upset stomach?

Not really no. Bananas have a high sugar content which is a problem for rabbits and can cause digestive problems. So don’t feed them the banana, the skin isn’t much better wither. They are not toxic or poisonous however, don’t feel bad if you’ve been feeding your bunny the odd piece. Just keep it strictly to the rare treat if you really want to feed them a little.

Only a small percentage of a rabbit’s diet should come from treats like fruits and vegetables. You should be providing your pets with a fresh supply or Timothy Hay and pellets. Fresh water should be made available at all times, and if you see any allergies or health issues to the food you’re providing stop right away and consult a vet.

Rabbits have sensitive digestive systems that are easily upset. You need to do your part as a responsible owner and see that they are getting a healthy balance of food, are healthy, and happy.