Can Rabbits Eat Apple Cores

Can Rabbits Eat Apple Cores

Most people who eat apple don’t eat or use the cores. If you have a pet rabbit you’re probably wondering if you can throw them the cores so you’re not wasting them. Or maybe you already have been doing this?

You should always check what’s safe for your bunnies to eat before giving it to them though. So, can rabbits eat apple cores?

The problem here is that the apple seeds are potentially toxic to rabbits. You should never feed them the seeds, but you can feed them core if you want to. You will have to chop it up and make sure there are no seeds in there.

Fruits are high in sugar though and should only be given on occasions as a treat. Rabbit’s diets are made up mostly from Timothy hay, some pellets, and fresh water. You can give them a cup of leafy greens a day to mix up their diet, and treats on occasions.

Rabbits easily get upset stomachs to be careful what you are feeding them and don’t give them treats just because you love them!