Can Rabbits Eat Almonds

Can Rabbits Eat Almonds

It’s fun and rewarding owning rabbits and it’s always fun giving them treats and watching them gobble up the food. They do have sensitive stomachs though, you have to be careful what you are feeding them and in what quantities.

If you’ve been wondering, can rabbits eat almonds and are they safe? I can help by answering this.

They can eat almonds, yes. They are not the best food to be feeding your rabbit however. Almonds are high in fat and can be a bit rough to digest. You shouldn’t see any problems if you’re giving them some as a rare treat, but I wouldn’t feed it them to be honest.

Treats should be few and far in between for bunnies, so you may as well give them some tasty leafy greens that they will enjoy more. You should be providing Timothy Hay and pellets as the bulk as their diet, and keeping them hydrated with fresh water. Also a cup of greens give them some variation and keep them happy.

Always be cautious about giving them foods you’re not sure about. It’s better to check and be safe rather than sorry.