Bunny Business Double Decker Wooden Rabbit Hutch Review

Bunny Business Double Decker Wooden Rabbit Hutch Review

Bunny Business are known for making affordable and reliable hutches. I have owned a couple of different models of theirs over the years, and was not disappointed. So I thought I would review this model and give you some additional information about the company and the hutch to help you make an informed purchase.

Remember it’s always important to check the dimensions carefully and make sure the hutch you’re buying is the right size. There should be more than enough room for your rabbit, or rabbits, and for the space you’re keeping the hutch in.

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Features and Specifications

This hutch is a double height hutch with plenty of space as you will see from the pictures. It measures 156cm x 58cm x 68.2cm (W x D x H), which is a generous size for your rabbits, and provides more than enough area for them to get their daily exercise. This is because it’s more than just a hutch, it has a boxed in area for rabbits to use as a run.

I really like this feature, as you are basically getting an all-in hutch and run. Ideally you have an open space or a much bigger run for your rabbits to be let loose in, but this enclosed area is great and they will be more than happy. There is a large hinged lid in the base play area, so you have easy access to feed and drop treats in for your bunnies.

There is a nice shady area which is important on hot days, and the mesh allows plenty of airflow. Things that seem straightforward, but shows there has been a great deal of thought and planning in the design of this hutch. The panels all fit snugly together with tongue and grove locking, this means no splinters to dig into your fingers.

The wood is finished with a natural look and color, and will easily fit in with any garden layout and look. The smooth wood finish makes it easy to clean inside and out. At the competitive price point this hutch is being sold at, it’s really hard to ignore. If you’re in the market for a hutch with a run space, this is going to be worth taking a closer look at.

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Dimensions – 156cm x 58cm x 68.2cm (W x D x H).

Bunny Business Double Decker Wooden Rabbit Hutch


  • Looks great with a clean and smooth finish.
  • Good value for money at a competitive price point.
  • It’s a nice touch to have a run built in with the two levels.
  • Good brand and quality construction.


  • It’s a bit cramped for more than one bunny.
  • There are larger hutches for similar prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this hutch also be used for guinea pigs?

Yes, it’s suitable for guinea pigs. It’s easily large enough for two guinea pigs, and it’s secure with no way for them to escape.

Is this hutch large enough for two rabbits?

I wouldn’t recommend so, unless you have two small rabbits. The overall capacity is more than enough for one bunny, but pushing it for two.

Is the hutch and run secure against foxes?

As long as you check the hutch and run is pegged down and the wire meshing is all in good condition it’s fox proof.

Bunny Business Double Decker Wooden Rabbit Hutch Summary

With literally dozens of decent hutches to choose from it can be hard for a lot of people to pull the trigger and settle on a hutch. I can ensure you this is a purchase you will not regret. As long as you’re comfortable with the space this hutch allows your pets, there aren’t many better options at this price.

Click the link below and take a closer look over at Amazon. There’s always more customer feedback being added and more picture to look at.

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