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Can Rabbits Eat Instant Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great, hearty breakfast food that I’m sure we’ve all eaten plenty of times. Oatmeal is made from oat groats that have gone through a process of being rolled, crushed, or ground down. There are a few different types of oats, known as white oats,

Tort Lionhead Rabbit

The tort Lionhead rabbit is an interesting breed of rabbit. It’s a fairly new addition to the domestic rabbit rosta, yet there is still some facts and information unknown about them. The breed has been recognized officially in the UK since 2002. One thing that we do

Lionhead Rabbit Facts

Here are some Lionhead Rabbit facts to help you become more familiar with this cute breed of rabbit. They make great pets, are fun and easy to care for and are becoming more popular all the time. Here are some interesting facts: Contents1 Lionhead Rabbit Facts1.1 How

Rex Rabbit Facts and Information

The Rex rabbit is a popular choice of rabbit breed. First appearing in the early 1900’s, the breed was born when breeding rabbits for domestic pets was booming. Wild rabbits were spotted with a more dense and softer coat to the touch, and this gene was sought

Dandelion Leaves for Rabbits

Providing dandelion leaves for rabbits to nibble on is perfectly fine. They love these little flowers in fact. Each bunny is different and has different tastes however. Always start by introducing a little of a new food to see how they react to it. I’ve been giving my

Can Rabbits Eat Toilet Roll Tubes

There are endless uses for the inside of toilet rolls. It always feels goo do to make use of things instead of just throwing them out. Have you been putting them in your rabbits’ hutch? Are you wondering, can rabbits eat toilet roll tubes and can they cause

Can Rabbits Eat Cucumber

Cucumber is a delicious vegetable that can be found in most salads. The plant grows as a creeping vine and the cucumbers grow off the vine to be picked when ripe. It’s not a difficult vegetable to grow, making it a popular choice in allotments and back

Can Rabbits Eat Beetroot Leaves

Beetroot is the root part of the beet plant. In the US this vegetable is referred to as a beet, also being called a red beet, table beet, golden beet, and garden beet. In the UK we call them beetroots. They are easily identifiable in foods due

Can Rabbits Eat Runner Beans

Runner beans are part of the legume family of vegetables and are also called multiflora beans, or scarlet runner beans sometimes. I ate a lot of runner beans growing up as my parents used to grow them. But, can rabbits eat runner beans and are they on

Can Rabbits Eat Iris Leaves

If your rabbits have the run of your garden and you have all kinds of different plants, flowers, and herbs growing you’re probably wondering, can rabbits eat iris leaves? Unfortunately they cannot. They cannot eat any part of the plant, this includes the iris leaves, stalk, and