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Can Rabbits Eat Kiwi Skin

Kiwi’s, or Chinese gooseberries as they are also known are popular fruits all over the world. They are usually eaten in slices or spooned out of the skin, you also come across kiwi in a lot of desserts and other treats. Typically we don’t eat the skins.

Can Rabbits Eat Jalapenos

Jalapenos are spicy chillies. They are within the 1,000 – 2,000 range on Scoville scale. This makes them pretty hot if you’re not used to eating spicy things. A lot of people wonder, can rabbits eat jalapenos and will it taste hot to them too? You’re right

Can Rabbits Eat Jute

Can rabbits eat jute? Jute isn’t harmful to rabbits and a lot of rabbit toys are made, or tied together with jute so it’s certainly not a problem. You don’t want your rabbits eating too much of it of course, but if you are keeping them well

Can Rabbits Eat Jade Plants

Jade plants are also called Money Trees, Friendship Trees, and Lucky Plants. With so many impressive titles they have to be safe for rabbits to eat, right? If you have jade plants in your home or garden and were wondering, can rabbits eat jade plants? The answer

Can Rabbits Eat Jam

Jam is a food that’s made from fruit preserves. It can be made from just about any fruit you can think of, and is an easy to use form that goes well with loads of different meals and foods. So, can rabbits eat jam and is it

Can Rabbits Eat Jello or Jelly

Jello, Jell-O, or jelly as it’s also called, is a powder that is quickly and easily prepared by dissolving it in water and leaving it to set. It’s a fun dessert for children to make as it’s easy and sweet to eat. But, can rabbits eat jello

Can Rabbits Eat Jasmine Leaves and Flowers

Wondering, can rabbits eat jasmine leaves and flowers and is it safe for them to do so? Jasmine is part of the olive family, there are hundreds of species and it can easily be growing in your garden if you take a good look. Jasmine is one

Can Rabbits Eat Jicama

If you are looking for different foods you can feed your rabbits to keep them interested there is a list of what rabbits can and cannot eat here. There are hundreds of different vegetables and fruits out there though and it’s hard to cover everything. An interesting

Can Rabbits Eat Irises

Irises, iris plants, iris leaves, and all other parts of this plant can be found growing almost anywhere. It’s not difficult to grow and will often sprout up somewhere and start slowly spreading around your garden. If your bunnies have free roam of your garden, or at

Can Rabbits Eat Ice

It’s difficult enough for us to keep cool in the summer months. Imagine having a think coat of fur on you at all times! That’s what rabbits have, and by design rabbits are built to survive the cold more than they are equipped to deal with heat.