Are Rabbits Right for You?

Are you considering adopting a rabbit and bringing it into your life? Are you wondering, are rabbits right for you? These are important questions, and not to be taken lightly. So you will need to look at your family situation and lifestyle, and make an educated decision if a rabbit it right for you or not.

Are Rabbits Right for You


Bunnies need decent, adequate housing to live in. You cannot compromise on this, it will be their living space for many years. You will also need to do some bunny proofing in your own home, assuming they will have a run around from time to time.

This means removing anything potentially dangerous, and anything you don’t want to be chewed on needs to be put somewhere safe. Rabbits will nibble through cords, wires, and furniture the moment you take your eye off them.


Although children love rabbits, and it can prove a valuable lesson in caring for an animal – young children and rabbits are not a good combination. Young children will not hold the rabbit correctly, and can cause some discomfort or pain.

Usually by around the age of 10 children and careful, and responsible enough to handle rabbits. But it is always the responsibility of an adult to take care of the pets, never give over responsibility to a child.

Introducing to Family Members

The rabbit should always be carefully introduced to all of the family members. Not just throw into a room with everyone, but slowly introduced to each person on e by one. Give them the time to familiarize themselves with the sight, scent, and sounds of each person.

If you have other household pets like cats or dogs, never leave them alone with the bunny. There is always a chance the animals will start fighting, and this is not going to end well.

Have Veterinary Care

You should have already located a vet in your area that is comfortable with bunnies. Make sure you have all of their contact numbers in case of an emergency, and register your pet with the practice.

There are a lot of basics you can do to ensure your rabbit doesn’t get sick unnecessarily. Make sure you are aware of all the basic rabbit care tips, and everything should be fine.

Allergic Reactions

Make sure no one in your household is going to be allergic to rabbits. If anyone already has allergies to cats or dogs, they may be allergic to rabbit fur, Visit and handle a rabbit at a pet store to see if it irritates ┬áthem, it’s no good finding out after you own a rabbit that someone can’t go near it.

Are Rabbits Right for You?

So, are rabbits right for you and your family? Can you provide a good sized home, either in your garden, or inside the house. Can you give them a run to get some exercise in, and all the accessories they need?

Rabbit make lovely pets, a good addition to any household. They give a lot of love to owners, are fun to play with and fuss, and like any pets are interesting to interact with and care for.

If you are looking to adopt a rabbit I wish you luck in finding the perfect bunny for your family, and for all the enjoyable years to come. Try looking on Pets4Homes if you are not sure where to start, there are lots of rabbits on there in need of a good home.